Facial Beauty Oil

I’m 39 years old and have such dry skin on my face. I’ve tried lotion after lotion with some working a little and some not at all or leaving a caked on feeling I just didn’t like. 

Well recently I found this gem with Younique. It’s called Uplift Beauty Oil and has worked wonders for my dry skin. 

It is a small bottle but literally a drop or two will cover your entire face and have your skin so soft. The first time I tried it I was immediately hooked, my skin was actually glowing!

You can apply it before you do your makeup or just wear it alone. A lot of times I just wear it alone with a little bit of mascara and I’m done!

It is a little greasy feeling at first but it’s not when it dries and even after it’s dry, my skin still looks radiant. 

I believe the price runs around $70 but it’s worth it because it works for all skin types, helps heal dry skin, and it lasts for a long long time. I use it almost everyday and have since the end of last year and I’ve hardly put a dent in the amount in the bottle. Seriously, a couple of drops will cover your face and neck. You can also use it for any area on your body. Got dry feet? This will fix them right up!

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  • Daisy

    Package looks fun. I need to try🙋

  • Sarah

    This face oil sounds great! Does it have a smell or is it fragrance free? Would love to know also would love to see some pics of this on your face, maybe some before and after pictures to see what this does for the skin!! Thanks for the post!!

  • sally peabody

    I like face oils myself. This one is new to me and sounds nice. I am all about lifting. Nice review. Thank you !