Fantastic !

I received my PrismPop Gift  and it is beautiful. I love the cosmetic bag and trial samples. I will review each product individually in future reviews very soon. Thank you PrismPop !

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  • Amanda

    Yay, you got one too! I'm trying to finish up what I've been using and then going to do mine. I'm a little OCD like that I guess!😂 lol

  • Carrie Burrus

    Looks great!

  • Gabrielle

    This looks fun!

  • Nicole Hoffman

    I am so glad you got a bag, Sally! How are you liking your samples? Which one is your favorite? Thanks for posting!

  • Mariah

    Oh wow, that looks like all kinds of goodies. I read your review for the lip scrub, can't wait for your others. So detailed , looking forward to it.

  • nancy ruiz

    I'm really happy with my samples bags. Excellent products!

  • Stephanie Whitman

    Congratulations! I just wanted to reach out and personally say thank you for the follow! I look forward to hearing what you have to say and seeing what you are doing here on Prison pop. I'm new and again I thank you very much!

  • Shannon Grant

    I love getting products to try! It has been a fun experience! 😊💗

  • Crystal Jones

    I loved all of my samples from my prismpop bag!!Everything was amazing!!

  • Amanda Lingle

    Lucky Lucky lady. Jealous right here. That bag is simply amazing. It is just loaded with so many goodies. I have seen so many reviews on these items. I really really want to try the lip scrub and the 🍅 serum. Those 2 just stand out to me. With my dry lips during the winter i feel that lip scrub would be simply wonderful plus that smell Yum. 🍅 serum just has such great qualities for your skin. Enjoy these products and let us all know what you think of them