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Farmacy Cleansing Balm😍😍Before & After

About the Company: This brand is paraben free, formaldehyde donor free, synthetic fragrance free, phthalate free, mineral oil free, and cruelty free. This is also a Korean brand and as founded by farmers and made by scientists.😍

About the product: This is a cleansing balm that comes in a 1.7 fluid ounce jar. There is also a mini size of this and a bigger size which is a 3.4 fluid ounce jar. It is described as, "A nourishing facial cleansing balm that melts away makeup and pollution residue. Even the boldest eye makeup and long-wear foundation is easily removed, leaving skin hydrated and silky smooth." This balm also smells just like lime sherbet, which is always a good thing.😉

My experience: I LOVE this product. In the third picture, you can see I have mascara and lipgloss on. In the fourth picture, which was before I used my water-based cleanser, my makeup was completely gone. Both mascara and my stubborn lipgloss. When I put this on it immediately melted into an oil-like consistency which I really enjoyed. This also wasn't a stubborn cleansing balm to take off and actually came off easily with water. This made my skin feel so good right after use and my skin didn't feel stripped at all.💓

Overall thoughts: I totally recommend this product. It got my makeup off easily and effectively. There wasn't any tugging or pulling of my skin when using this. I truly adore this product. IF YOU DON'T HAVE THIS YOU NEED IT!!❤️

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  • Casey

    Farmacy is out of this world! Thanks for sharing.

  • Flor

    I have only heard positive, but no detailed review liked your. Thanks for this, I have seen this brand at the store,but was not sure if the products were worth it.

  • Pauline

    Glad to see this product demo again really love what it does and want to try the melt away makeup remover cream. Good posted review.

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