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The unicorn is an antioxidant serum + primer. I tried it on one side of my face. This solution is supposed to infuse your skin with skincare and prep your skin for makeup application.
🤑It retails for $54 for 1 fluid oz
⭐I used this as a primer and I really liked it. . The packaging is a nice purple glass gottle and dropper.
⭐The consistency is very thick and slimy.
👍I felt my skin was definitely smoother and prepped. It absorbed really well into my skin and left a tacky base.
⚠️It seems more like a primer than a serum, though. I wouldn't want to use this in the nighttime before I sleep.
🦄It also has a really strong scent of berries, which lasts a loong time after applying.
🌹The smell isn't from any fragrance, so I'm assuming it's from the ingredients.
⚠️This does nothing for my pores, so if you need that, I don't recommend this product.
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