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Fast and Easy! Reviewing L’Oreal’s Flash Cat Eye Liner

Hey there!
L’Oreal has launched a new eyeliner that helps you achieve the all day perfect wing easily and quickly!
😸Precise, flexible brush tip. Not too thick. Easy to use on its own.
😸Highly pigmented ultra black formula. one swipe = intense black
😸Did not test if it’s truly waterproof. But it is definitely smudgeproof.
😸Comes with removable stencil. In my video, I mentioned that it was easy on my left eye but not my right. It could be a user problem. I might give it another shot just because the idea is pretty good. I think it’s great for those who are new to eyeliner or have troubles perfecting their winged eyeliner.
As for me, do I need this stencil? The answer is no. I am pretty much accustomed to drawing my eyeliner on my own. The stencil shape is a bit too much for me on a daily basis as well. Having said that, I will definitely continue using the eyeliner on it’s own because it’s black and smudgeproof! (smiley emoji)

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