My 5 Favorite Semi-Matte Lipsticks by Mented

Mented is a Woman of Color owned beauty brand that wanted to make sure people of every skin tone had a perfect nude lip. These are my 5 favorite colors. They're all super moisturizing, creamy, and feel amazing. 
Pretty in Pink - This one is a fun, vibrant pink that I wear a lot in spring and summer. It's sort of a bubble gum pink and feels really youthful
Dope Taupe  - This has the same hues as my natural lip color but the shade is just slightly darker, so I usually wear it when I'm going pretty natural but want a little boost to my lip color. 
*Sometimes I will use a combination of Pretty in Pink on the outer edges of my lips and Dope Taupe on the inner! Might sound like it would look weird, but our lips are naturally different shades at different points so this actually enhances my lips more accurately.
Mented #5 - This is my go-to night-out lip - it's a great blend of red and brown so I like how it works with my skin tone while still feeling dressy.
Foxy Brown - This color makes me feel really sophisticated. I love wearing this for meetings or speaking events when I want to come across as assertive and knowledgeable. 
Dark Night - This is definitely the dramatic shade of the bunch! I'll wear this on nights out when I want to feel *extra* fierce.

If y'all are looking for some new lippies, especially if you are a WOC, definitely consider Mented!

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  • Joylynn Grindle

    You look great in all those shades. I don't think I could wear Foxy brown or Dark night but would love to try out the remaining three. Thank you for doing a awesome video review.

  • Laura

    I like how natural these all look on you.

  • Corissa Reviews

    I have pretty in pink and I love it! I've been eyeing a few other shades and seeing these has me rethinking my list. Great video, all the colors look great on you 💋

  • Carolyn Walker

    Oh yes, i would love to try that foundation! Love Bert’a Bees!

  • Vanessa Jo

    Allllll the support to WOC owned brands❤️

  • Anita Buhendwa

    So helpful!

  • Tonya Smith

    Enjoyed your video. Love the neutral colors.

  • Olivia longe

    I love matte lips !

  • GauriChauhan

    Wow loved the shade. It's really amazing. I really loved your review.

  • Rita Whirls

    I want to try these.

  • Lindsey

    I love these colors. I need to try

  • Tanmaya

    Ooo I definitely wanna try those colors ❤️ You did a great work😁love the review❤️

  • Shelby Rodenberg

    These are settled yet gorgeous colors! They look great on you!!

  • Merrill Dellas

    Beautiful dark neutrals! These colors are gorgeous and the presentation was short, concise and to the point!

  • Jessica Pesso

    I've never used Mented lipsticks! This brand has been on my radar lately and they seem like a nice formula. I'd love to try foxy brown.

  • Crystal Jones

    I love a good matte shade and lip product.One that is light weight and looks great.

  • Patricia

    I never tried this brand, but they certainly look really good, I want to give then a try, nice shades, I don't have one favorite matte, but a few, KVD Bauhau5, Ms Arg. The shades are beautiful, and so pigmented, these 2 shades seem to be discontinued, UD Backtalk is a comfort matte not overdrying, Trendsetter by Huda, my affordable Revlon Ultra HD Matte in the shade Addiction I love this one because is so comfy on the lips, not drying at all, stays on forever, doesn't stain my lips, comes in great shades, and the price is right. Thanks for a great review on these lippies!

  • Katie

    Those shades look great! I’ve never heard of this brand before. My favorite matte lipstick is the Organic Skin Co. lipstick in the shade “Galaxy”. It’s the perfect red👌🏼 and is long lasting!

  • Kelly K

    Those all look so beautiful on you! Very pretty!! I am more of a lip gloss lover myself instead of lipstick. I also tend to pick more shimmery shades versus matte but I do have a few favorite mattes that I've tried over the last few years. I used to have a really pretty pinkish purple lipstick from Clinique that I wore everyday for a while. I can't remember what it was called though and I had one from Mary Kay that I absolutely loved that was a pretty light pink rose color. I have one matte lipstick now that I love. It's antimatter lipstick in Cosmic. I very pretty natural brown shade that looks pretty alone or under most lip glosses. I have tried Loreal lipsticks before but am not currently using any. They are really nice, affordable, and there is a variety to choose from. I have not yet tried anything from Mented (I actually never have heard of them until now.) Hope you all have a great night!

  • Jane Mathiasen

    Foxy Brown is the best.It's good for every lighting.

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