Feather and Bone face gems face wash

Hey! Today I am trying Feather and Bone face gems face wash. 

This is my first time trying this product.

This product comes in a small bag with one face wash gem. 

This is a fun product to use!

To use: place gem in your palm and add water-apply pressure to form paste-apply paste to face/massage/rinse off. 

Feather and Bone face gems are a thorough and deep cleaning facial product that left my face feeling vibrant and clean. 

During the process of using the face gem; it felt very relaxing on my face. 

Paste came off easily. Very easy product to use. 

My overall experience was great. I liked using this product and loved the outcome. 

I recommend Feather and Bone face gem face wash. 

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  • Amanda Lingle

    This is such a cool product. Like that it comes in such a small little pill like gem and works so much magic. Sometimes big things come in such small packages dont you agree? Thanks for the post..

  • Anna hudson

    Thank you ,nice review,I'd like to try :)