Featherandbone Face Gems - Travel Friendly Skincare

Face Gems Jet Setter Pack is a pack of 10 tablets that you use to wash your face on the go.
There's only 3 ingredients - clay, sandalwood and starch.
It looks like a little pill or tablet and you just add some water until it gets kind of squishy.
Adding more water works it into a thick paste which helps to move the product around your face.
I didn't like that some of it was falling as I washed - since you only get a little tab I want to make sure I use the whole thing!
The texture is rough so I could definitely feel some exfoliation happening.
Overall I enjoyed it! I love that it's travel friendly and only has 3 natural ingredients.
I'd recommend it to a friend! If you'd wanna try this, hit the I Wanna Try button 😍
See you on the next one!

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  • Cakefacebrit

    So awesome! Love your page! Going to have to follow you everywhere girl!!! ❤️✨

  • Anna hudson

    Looks like the t works good,I'm afraid I'd have most of it on the floor or sink as I'm sloppy and make messes.works good for you.

  • Amanda Lingle

    This is amazing. I hate having to travel with all the bulky bottles of face cleaners and lotions. Its just a tiny pill. Takes up literally no room. Im amazed at how just this little pill works as a facial cleanser. And only 3 ingredients so you dont have all these harmful ingredients to put all over your skin. I can NOT wait to try this!!!

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