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Festival of Masquerade look 💖 Disney x Colourpop & Juvia's Place

💖Juvia’s Festival with a touch of Masquerade look!
Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great summer. I created this look using Juvia’s Place “Festival” palette & Colourpop’s “Midnight masquerade ” palette💖
Eyes: First, I wet my sponge with my wet ‘n wild setting spray. Next, I dabbed my sponge over my eyelids. Apply “Pip” (Colourpop) to inner lid. Bled in “Izafa”(Juvia) into outer crease. Third, using NYX’s glitter primer, add just a little to the middle of your lid. ✨ Gently dab “Odogwu” (Juvia) onto the middle of your lid. Blend in shadow with a blending blush. 🖌
Clean up under eyes with your choice of foundation or concealer. 👌
Mascara: “I love extreme volume” waterproof mascara by Essence. 📣
Brows: NYX eyebrow pomade  in Espresso. ☕️
Face: Touch in sol No-PORE blem primer. Clinique Super balanced ⚖️ in “Wheat” 
Lips: Half caked: “Power trip”  💄
I hope you enjoyed my post. 💖

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