First impressions of Dear Dot Cosmetics

A very unique way of cleansing the skin this carbonated cleanser will leave your skin feeling clean and your complexion looking clear. This cleanser comes in a powder form. You pour the contents into a bowl of warm water and then watch the magic happen. The water starts to fizz and bubble. Follow by putting your face into the water and then pat your skin dry. Your skin is left clean, fresh, and feeling soft. It is like a jacuzzi for your face lol. I will state that this process is a tad time consuming versus the average face cleanse. So personally I would use this on occasions when I want to give my skin some xtra TLC. The sparkling clean powder contains a slightly acidic 5.5 ph solution as well as yuja essence. Yuja extract coats the surface of the skin, locking in moisture and brightening skin tones for a soft, glowing appearance. Yuja will leave your skin looking hydrated, energized, and Luminous. The sparking clean powder comes with two packets. One containing the brightening powder mix and the other packet containing the carbonated powder mix. There are five treatments in a box. 

Then there is the hydro-brightening ampoule. With a low molecular hyaluronic acid complex this serum will deeply penetrate the skin and infuse it with intense moisture and replenishment. You skin will be left feeling hydrated and plump. Your skin will have a nice healthy glow and just look overall healthy and restored. Out of both products this one was hands down my favorite. The serum immediately absorbed into my skin upon application. It is such a light weight serum but still has the ability to help my skin retain all the moisture this ampoule provides. My skin didn't feel tacky or sticky in anyway. My skin looked hydrated, youthful, and healthy. The ampoule is recommended to be used on a daily basis. It comes in a nice luxurious bottle with a dropper. One to two drops will be enough to cover the entire face. A little goes a long way With this intense moisture ampoule. I really love this entire set πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ the sparkling cleanser is such an interesting way to cleanse your face and gives me spa day vibes. It seems like a treatment you would get at a spa. Thanks to dear dot I am able to do it at home. I personally recommend this to anyone not just for the fun and unique experience but also for the quality of these products and the results it provides. This brand is vegan and cruelty free πŸ°πŸ·πŸΌπŸ™ˆ

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