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First impressions on The Touch in Sol Mission Complete black gel mask

First impressions on the Touch in Sol Mission Complete mild scrub & peeling black gel mask ! Upon opening this product I can tell it’s definitely something my skin will love ! It has a very nice gentle fresh scent and has extremely fine granules for exfoliating . This is the type of exfoliate that balls up when applied into the skin, “a little weird feeling but nice” it feels like it turns into an eraser removing the dead dull skin . I followed the directions and applied it on my clean face massaged gently for about 2-3 minutes and washed off . It did not feel overly exfoliating but just the right amount for gentle weekly use. My skin feels extremely soft and clean without it being overly dry after! The only con I see is the bottle is a tad small at 4.05 fl.oz but you don’t really need a lot of product “maybe a dime size for your entire face” . I can definitely say I genuinely really like this scrub ! If my opinion changes I will definitely do an update!

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