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First look at Collective Laboratories Activating Serum!

Product Information: This Activating serum is for your scalp to help balance oil, and to maintain hair growth. This serum has Biotin, Ginseng Extract, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Lilac Stem Cells, Malabar Kino Bark, and Burdock Root. These amazing ingriendiants help with restoring your natural.hair growth, preventing hair breakage, balancing oil, prevents bad bacteria, and scalp irritation. 

Packaging: The packaging of this product just draws you in. It came in a beautiful white box, decorated in leafy greens. When you open it up, you get a array of information about the company, and product itself. The hair serum come in a glass jar, with a dropper. It's very beautiful, and luxury looking. This product is also sourced globally!

Serum Description: This serum smells so amazingly fresh, I cant get enough of it. It's a clear liquid that feels almost lile a thin gel.

My hair & scalp concerns: I have extremely unruly, curly, frizzy hair. I have alot of breakage, both at the roots, and the ends. My scalp is very dry, especially.in the summer time. I almost always have to use hair masks on a daily basis, and I dont wash them out till the next day. I have some dandruff, that really hits me in the winter.

My 1st Impressions: I absolutely love the consistency. It's not an oil, that leaves your hair greasy all day. In fact I use both am/pm just fine, and style my hair as usual. It goes on cold, and calms my skin almost immediately. My scalp feels hydrated, cleansed, and overall amazing after each and every use. There isnt one thing that I dont like about it so far. This is my first time using an activating serum from Collective Laboratories, I'm very impressed this far.

Stay tuned with me, to see next weeks thoughts! ❤🖤💙


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