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First prism pop bag

I was so excited to receive this amazing goodie bag for the first time and try these wonderful products before I buy them. To tell you the truth I never tried this products before and I'm glad I had the opportunity to try them now. Most likely I would not buy them because of the expensive prices but if there were on sale I would. 

I received byroe bitter green essence toner, byroe bell pepper serum, byroe tomato serum, byroe salmon cream, byroe rice cleansing sorbet, feather & bone face gems, simple micellar cleansing water, the face shop real nature face mask and niu body pina colada sugar lip polish. The serums are amazing and they smells really good and lightweight. It gives me the feeling of applying natural food based products which is good because I like natural skincare products. They feel good on my skin, they don’t feel heavy or sticky, and makes my skin feel really fresh and hydrated.

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