First Time Trying A Superfood Face Moisturizer

Hi guys it’s Montse! πŸ‘‹ Today I’m back trying out another skincare product by Trisha Watson Organics. Don’t miss my last video trying out Trisha Watson’s Beyond Grateful Detoxifying Cleanser! πŸ‘‰ Charcoal Face Wash πŸ‘€
Here’s my review…
🌿 Brand Details: Trisha Watson creates her makes her natural skincare products using organic farming practices. This small-batch skincare line is sustainable, eco-friendly and anti-pollution.
πŸ’― About The Product: A medium weight moisturizer packed with skin-loving ingredients like Aloe, Shea and Jojoba oil with antioxidants.
🎁 The Packaging: The amber glass bottle is just like the Beyond Grateful Cleanser - classy, eco-friendly packaging that would look great with any collection.
πŸ‘ Application & Use: Planted Superfood Moisture feels almost like a whipped consistency, and a pea-sized amount covers my whole face. It feels soft and smooth and gave my face a nice sheen!
πŸ’­ Final Thoughts: Just as in my previous video, I do like this product and would recommend you to try it out. It’s definitely different than your typical moisturizer so you should definitely check it out here!
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My next video will be the Juno & Co. Velvet Microfiber Sponge (Coming soon!)

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