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First time trying Prismpop!!

I got my first Prismpop bag in the mail today I was so excited. It had Byroe New York, Niu Body, Feather & Bone skin care products in side. I can't wait to try all these products. So far I tried the Niu Body sugar lip polish and Byroe New York bell pepper serum. The Niu Body sugar lip polish goes on like a scrub you smooth it around on your lips it leaves your lips feeling nice and soft for hours an the smell is wonderful who doesn't love pina colada.🙂 The Bell pepper serum is great I have a hard time with skin care because I break out easily the serum is light doesn't have a rich smell goes on smooth and leaves your skin very moisturized I love it. Thank you Prismpop for this opportunity to try and review products I'm very thankful.🥰

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