For the love of charcoal!

Whats up everyone! Nicole is back with another 1! So yesterday I seen the 10,000 coin giveaway based on the *hello toothpaste and I was like" shit, I have that" and decided that I needed to do a post too. Cuz why not right? I am chasing platinum level right now, so every post counts.

📍What it is: An all natural toothpaste that whitens naturally,removes plaque and freshens that dragon breath ALSO HAS FRESH MINT AND COCONUT OIL


📝Apply to your toothbrush, brush like a queen, spit responsibly because this shit is a freaking mess.

💵I got mine for free in a sample box. Only a 1 oz squeeze tube but i wrote the company and told them I loved it and they sent me a full sized hello toothpaste product to try!

🤓🗯MY FINAL THOUGHTS: I really like hello products a lot. This toothpaste has really cleaned up my mouth on a next level. My teeth are slick and clean thanks to charcoal.who woulda thought lol. This is a LIGHT mint. IDK why people say it's strong when actually it's child's play, but hey some are more sensetive than others. Three clean up is the pain in the ass. Be careful and spit away from any chips or cracks in your sink. Try to aim down the drain as much as possible and rinse rinse rinse that mouth afterwards.when you think ur done just rinse one more time lol

Thank you for viewing! What's your fav toothpaste? Comment below and drop the ♥😍 to maybe earn 156 coins! I'll see you later! ✌

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