Fountain of TRUTH Skincare Eye Roller πŸ‘€ Does It Work??

Hey, ladies! It's Farrah, here to do my first product review for PrismPop! This is the FOUNTAIN OF TRUTH Eye Roller Serum. You know I love a good eye serum so let's see how this does!
☝️First, Packaging: This little tube is great, it's not too big so that's great for traveling, it has a cap, and it seems sanitary enough because I can clean the applicator!
✌️ Second, Application: The little metal "balls" (lol) are nice and cooling on my skin, so that's a great way to distribute under-eye serum!
πŸ™ƒ My tip: I always like to apply UPwards on the face because I'm trying to go against gravity. Am I right, ladies?
πŸ‘ How it works: I think this does a nice job hydrating and de-puffing the undereye area, and I had a good time putting it on so no complaints there.
πŸ’‍♀️ Overall, I enjoyed the Magic Wand Eye Roller by Fountain of Truth. Get yours today... at the store, of course! 🀣
πŸ’– I hope you enjoyed this quick little video review, if you'd like to see more please like this video and click "I Wanna Try" 😍 if YOU would want to try this product for yourself!
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