LAPCOS SPF 35 Sun Screen - NO White Cast??

✨ Hey everyone its Vivian AKA VivaciouslyViv and today I am going to be trying the Fresh Daily Sun Screen by Lapcos!
✈️ This is the travel size and I think it's the cutest thing ever! It'll fit right into a purse or carry on. Just sayin'
☀️ I wanted to try this sunscreen because it says that it has SPF 35 and I think that having a high SPF is really important especially for me since I live in LA where the sun is always shining!
👀 I was definitely a bit skeptical to try this because usually sunblocks usually leave an ashy white cast on my skin tone... however I am surprised and pleased to report that this sun screen has NO WHITE CAST AT ALL! Right after application, I was able to blend the sunscreen out smoothly on my face. 
✨ It actually gave me a nice hydrated, glowy base for my makeup, in fact this is a sunscreen I would wear bare-faced!
💁🏾‍♀️ Struggling because of sunscreen white cast? You should definitely give this sunblock a try!
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