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Fruity goodness for your lips...or Kiss Your Chapped Lips Goodbye!

🎁 Packaging: It comes in a nice, fat, lipstick type applicator that is easy to find in your purse.
πŸ’²I got mine at CVS for about $3 and I feel like its totally worth it.
πŸ‘  This lip balm has a strong peachy flavor/fragrance that I find very pleasant. I've been using it for about a month now, and it's been doing a beautiful job keeping my lips from being chapped. My workspace has a heat vent right over my head that blows straight on me, so my lips are always dry and cracking. Ive tried a lot of different products but this one seems to work the best. It's long lasting, I only have to apply it a couple times a day. 
πŸ‘„ This is definitely a good product. It keeps my lips moist and comfortable all day and goes on clear,, so you can wear it over your favorite lipstick for extra shine and hydration. I really like it and I'm gonna continue to purchase this lip balm all year long!

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  • Sabrina Tyler

    I'll have to try this lip tasty πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰ peach. I'm loving the thought.

  • Rose Katz

    🌺I LOVE peach flavors of everything. The lip balm looks amazing and now I need to go try it. That is a great price too. I use Baby Lips as my go-to for lip balm, but now I have to try this one. Thanks for the great review! 🌈

  • Brittany S

    Yep for $3 you can’t beat it. A classic brand. I keep balms and chapsticks everywhere. My favorites are ones with a nice light tint just like these ones.

  • Pauline

    Like this post for lip care. I use chapped stick everyday all year long and sometimes back it up with my favorite shade of lipstick. Good color peach. Like the product size from Nivea.

  • Jennifer Henning

    I love this not only is it a kind of chap stick but it also leaves a color on your lips. I've used this product before slightly different color but it was my favorite lip stuff to use.

  • Brenda Holbert

    I'd like to know if it is gluten free. I read all the ingredients be I'm not looking all those big words up. lol

  • Reenah

    I would love to try the peach one. Good find! πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Reenah

    My SIL gave me a Nivea chapstick in Honey Flavor which I love and cherish and use sparingly to make it last. I just can’t help myself buying chapsticks, especially when they look so promising...πŸ˜‚ I recently bought Vaseline lip therapy in Cocoa Butter for a dollar at the 99 cent store because I liked the Cocoa Radiant body lotion so much. It was recommended by my favorite beauty editors and podcasters (Fat Mascara).

  • LifeCoachMelanieM

    I’ve never even heard of Nivea for chapped lips. My lips are chapped every day of the year, so I have to be careful of what lipsticks I wear. I like Nivea products, so I’m going to be on the lookout for this. So glad you shared!

  • linda umbenhour

    peach flavor is very unique

  • TripleB

    I have and love

  • Misty

    I love this

  • linda umbenhour


  • Sindra ~

    Now that is definatley my thing can't deal with dry or chapped lips..got to get this one.siunds good to me not sure about the fruity taste but that's ok fruit is good for you..

  • Brandi Wells

    Would love to try this, great review.

  • haku izunami

    I do personally like this product a lot and it does smell amazing however I've found it only lasts a few hours before I have to reapply it.

  • Micheala

    Love that it is peach flavor

  • Kari Koniowsky

    Ooh I love peach and I'm a total lip gloss junkie. Right now I'm stuck on lip glosses made with local honey and they smell so good and do a great job on keeping my lips smooth. I will definitely have to check this out though!


    Not a fan of peach but I do love Nivea lip products, I'll have to see if there is a different scent/flavor!

  • Susan

    Good review. I love Nivea products.

  • Corissa Reviews

    Oh I love peaches so I think I'd like this. Especially if it helps more poor dry lips. Thanks for sharing this inexpensive recommendation!

  • sally peabody

    Very nice review. i have a Nivea lip balm with hyaluronic acid. love it !!

  • Anna hudson

    Sounds yummy lol!

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