Full Matte Purple Ombre look Using ABH Alyssa Edwards Palette

If Alyssa Edwards isn’t a symbol of dramatic, beautifully airbrushed makeup, I don’t know who is. The new ABH Alyssa Edwards Palette is full of versatile and vibrant colors. It comes with the standard 14 eyeshadows, and I really like how many matte shades there are. I used this palette and the double-ended brush that came with it to create a full matte ombre look and here’s what I did:
- Unicore Tribe - I packed it on to my crease line with the short end of the brush and used the other end to blend it out.
- Brick Road - I used this yellow to blend out the edges of Unicorn Tribe
- Believe: This rich purple is going on my lid. I used the short end of the brush to slowly build up the color to be opaque.
- Dream It: I put this darker purple closest to my lash line to create more depth in this ombre.
🌈Lower lash line
- Dream It: I also applied the dark purple onto my lower lash line to balance out the colourful top lid
- Texas blue: With the fluffy side of the blush I blended out the edges with this rich red-pink shade- 
🌈The rest of the eyes:
I used the Benefit Roller Liner to create a dramatic wing, darkened my waterline with a black gel eyeliner from Julep, and put on some dramatic Tati Lashes in the style TL17.
Verdict: This is a unique palette, and I love the adventurous but versatile color story of this palette. The pigmentation and blend is beautiful like other ABH palettes
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