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Fun and Calming: Cucumber Spot Treatment Mask!

I've been looking for more calming masks to try lately, and came across this in my local CVS. 

These 'spot masks' come in four cucumber shaped spots, four in a pack and full of product! They are easily peeled off their placement sheet and sticks right onto the face! No need to lay down or anything (I was in an online webinar while I had them on) and just wait for about 20 minutes (perfect timing for my webinar!).

As time went by, I could feel the cooling effect more and more and enjoyed the whole experience! I wanted to keep them on longer, but instead spread the remaining product on my face (as per directions), and let the rest of my face get a bit of product too! 

My favorite part of this spot mask is how easily they stick and how I can choose where I need them on my face. I even had to move one a little bit, and it came up and back on my face with no problem!

I would highly suggest these, and I'll certainly be getting some again!

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  • Sabrina

    These are so cute! Lol! I love that you they seem to stick well and look like actual cucumbers. CVS?? Very cool (literally)! Thank you for sharing. 💜