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Fun, but slightly confusing!

This was my very first time ever using a facial cleansing product in this form, so when I opened the tiny packet that contained my Feather and Bone Face Gems Face Wash, and saw this little thing that kind of like an over sized ibuprofen, I was a bit puzzled. How was I supposed to use this pill to wash my face? Lol! But I was intrigued, and so, on I went. When I added water and rubbed it between my fingers, it turned into a mud mask color and texture. It definitely has an exfoliating effect and did leave my skin looking healthier, more radiant and less imperfect. The smell was kind of a mixture between orange alka seltzer and sandalwood, so not sure how I feel about that, but, overall, this product worked really well.

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  • Madison

    Amazing face cleanings gems. I mean look how small they are and will clean your entire face. Helps on not having to have those big bulky face cleanser bottles sitting on your sink or in your cupboard. I just love these so much. Leaves your face clean and refreshed feeling. I would highly recommend/

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