Gentle and EFFECTIVE Micellar Water

I love Micellar Water. So it's no secret that when Simple released their NEW Squeeze Me pouches, I was on board.

PACKAGING: The new packaging is fantastic.  It is a small pouch that fits into any purse or bag. The twist off top make it very easy to use and keeps the product secure when not in use. It's also very flexible so you do not have to worry about breaking the package.

DETAILS: Liquid cleasning water with multi- vitamins and triple purified water. Gently cleans the skin while removing makeup and hydrating the skin.

How To Use: Apply to a cotton pad or ball and wipe gently around your face. 


I can honestly say this is an amazing water. Its perfect for all skin types ESPECIALLY  sensitive skin. You can use this anytime to help remove makeup and anything else. It doesn't burn your eyes if you are wiping off mascara which is a plus for me. Overall,  it's a great product to have and to carry around for instant cleaning. 

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