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Get A Youthful Look with Milk Makeup's Glow Lip + Cheek

The Lip + Cheek is available in four shades: Perk, a coral; Rally, a mauve; Swish, a blue-toned pink, and Quickie, a berry. Of the four, I was most drawn to Rally as some of my favourite blushes (Nars Sin and Mac Mocha) are mauve toned blushes that really work well on my skin tone. Not going to lie though, I was rather intimidated by how dark the colour looked in the packaging. Like with the Matte Bronzer, it’s a blend of hydrating butter and oils so it has the same, emollient texture. And just like the Matte Bronzer (thankfully), the Lip + Cheek blends and sheers out effortlessly. Whilst I like my bronzer quite visible, I prefer my blush to appear as a natural, subtle flush of colour.
As with the Matte Bronzer, when trying to build up the pigment, I have found layering the Lip+Cheek on top of the Matte Bronzer a little tricky. As mentioned above, layering one product on top of the other causes the product underneath to ‘lift’. This can lead to patchiness in the application. This issue can be alleviated but you have to take the time to manipulate the product to even it out and resolve any patchy issues. Probably not one for when you’re short on time.
Whilst this product works nicely for that natural, rosy flush of youth on the cheeks, I am not entirely convinced about its function on the lips. Whilst it leaves behind a nice tint to the lip that passes off as a subtle, effortless stain, I don’t find it to be hydrating at all. It almost has that superficial feel to it (vaseline anyone?) where it has a nice slip on the surface but beneath that, there’s not that much to it. I thought that with the encapsulated oils, it might do something a bit more for dry lips. Evidently not. The Lip+ Cheek retails for $24.

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