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🤔 What dry shampoo would you recommend for someone with your hair type? (Or other haircare products, if dry shampoo doesn't work for your hair!)
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➡️ Squeaky Clean Color Treated Hair with Aveda Dry Shampoo - by Hieu
➡️ Dry Shampoo To The Rescue! Eva NYC "Freshen Up" trying a Trial Size - by Martine
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The winner of Yesterday's 10,000 Coins Giveaway is.....(drum roll...)🥁
❤️Kathryn Rutledge❤️
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  • Chelsea

    I love dry shampoo! Greatest invention EVER! I typically use Batiste or Not Your Mothers but would definitely be open to switching up my products.

  • Corissa Reviews

    These look really nice. My go to dry shampoo is Dove. It smells so good and helps me feel fresh, leaving my hair nice and clean.

  • Debbie Foss

    I want to try this product thank you

  • Helen Harris

    I would love to try this product I like dry shampoo

  • Carol Williams

    I would love to try this product. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Deloris P.

    Short answer...Pantene makes the best dry shampoo. Congratulations Kathryn

  • Marilyn Wagner

    I would highly recommend Pantene proV dry shampoo. It has an amazing smell and it adds a perfect amount of volume to your hair it's not too heavy and is even easily styled after use. It is by far my favorite dry shampoo and better than Batiste and even TRESemme.

  • Lisa Navas

    Congratulations Kathryn Rutledge 🎊

  • Brenda Parker

    Congratulations Kathryn Rutledge

  • Denise Carver

    Congrats Kathryn!

  • Jennifer Henning

    The best dry shampoo I'd recommend is dove Volume/fullness. If you have thin hair it makes your hair feel so much fuller. I love it

  • Kathryn Rutledge

    👍😍🍻💅🥳🤟🎯🎰👸! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Heather Byrd

    Love this!! Refreshing look

  • Sindra ~

    I'm always looking for a good dry shampooh.its hard to take care of your self when you have such chronic pain.yah I can shower but I can barley raise my arms over my head as in washing my hair..the cervical nerve disease in my neck is really bad plus I have severe degeneration of my spine so you can just imagine why I use the dry wash for my hair at times..it's really done a good job actually.it even gave my hair volume.iv tried several dry shampoohs but they really didn't make the grade.i can't remember the name of the one I'd been using..I just so happened to wonder in the Dollar tree by our home and I was like why not but it really is a good product it stands up to every thing it says and it had such a nice lite herbal sent..

  • Naf


  • Daisy

    I love dry shampoo! I have a few favorites! I got Dove fresh coconut for Christmas. I thought well maybe it'll be a good to have if i ran out of my usual hardrock. I actually "LOVE THE DOVE" it doesn't leave hair dry & not all that white residue! I'm always up to trying new awesome products that work! 😍😁💞 I'll definitely be trying out. Thank you for your review😍😍😍