Get in the Tone

Im in love with this toner ! I was not to sure about a bitter green salad inspired toner . But after trying it I'm sold ! 

It does not smell like greens 👍🏼

Apply to clean skin before your daily moisturizer . 

I can feel it working to clean my skin , and it leaves my skin soft and absorbant ready for moisturizer or primer 

This primer is definetly not cheap . The full bottle details for about $75 . But the results I've seen so far . I would say it might be worth it ! Luxury product for sure ! 

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  • Micheala

    Could use this toner thanks for review

  • Sarah

    This toner is amazing! I was lucky enough to get in a tester bag! Within a couple of days I could really see and feel the difference! Very much worth the price. I believe anyone who has tried would be very happy with this product.