Get Sun-kissed Cheeks With Milk Makeup Glow Oils

Summer is about a natural glow, juicy colors, and less-is-more makeup. Here’s my breakdown of the multitasking Milk Makeup glow oils.
💕Packaging – The mini-size is the only size! Equipped with Milk Makeup’s signature twist open cap and twist up stick-form, these fit into any makeup bag or purse for travel and quick application.
💕Color - Milk Makeup Glow Oil comes in 5 sun-inspired shades:
🌞Solar – (watermelon shimmer)
🌞Glimmer – (mauve shimmer)
🌞Halo – (bright pink shimmer)
🌞Astro – (Plum shimmer)
🌞Flare – (Coral shimmer)
💕Application & Pigmentation – These can be dabbed on with your fingers or blended with a brush on the cheeks. They are sheer, but with a couple of light layers they can be built up into a more noticeable blush. The most pigmented of the bunch is the shade Solar. Surprisingly the sheerest was Astro, the plum shade, so don’t be overwhelmed by the color in the tube.
On the lip, all 5 shades were very hydrating and sheer. They will definitely look different on everyone depending on your lip color.
💕Verdict – If you like multitasking, comfortable, and hydrating products for the natural dewy look, you’ll love these! They retail for $14 on the Milk Makeup website, so go check them out.
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