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Get that natural glowing look with the Melanie Mills Sexy Sampler Set!

Hey Prismpoppers, it's Katherine here! Today I am reviewing the Melanie Mills tester bag that I received from PrismPop! This bag includes a Sexy Sampler Set from Melanie Mills with SIX different shades!

✨ Let's start off with the packaging. All six of these came in small containers, a bag, and a card explaining the products! I thought the containers were so cute, and the stars with the shade names were a great addition! At first, the containers were a little hard to open just because they were so small, but after a while, I got the hang of it!

✨ Next, the look. I applied Opalescence to my nose, cheekbones, and the cleft between my nose and lips. Then, I used deep gold as a bronzer on my lower cheek area. After that, I blended rose gold, peach deluxe, and bronze gold on my lids to use as eyeshadows! I used my regular eyeliner and mascara routine. Unfortunately, I still couldn't get disco gold open but a few days later I was able to open it and it was super shimmery!

✨ Product Ratings: ✨ 

Opalescence: I think the white color of the product didn't really show up, but it was great for adding shine - especially on my nose! I would give it a 9/10.

Deep Gold: This looked really nice and I think it definitely made my face look slimmer, which was the look I was looking for. 9.5/10!

Rose Gold: This one had a beautiful color and went great on my lids! 10/10!

Peach Deluxe: This one also went very nicely on my lids, and it matched well with the Rose Gold! 10/10!

Bronze Gold: This one was nice for adding darker colors onto my lids as well. 9/10!

Disco Gold: I used this separately from the others as a normal highlighter, and it added a ton of shine! 9/10!

✨ Other Details: ✨ 

The look I created was extremely natural; I think if I were to create this look again using these products I might even use more product! I found it was easiest to apply these highlighters with my fingers rather than a brush, and they had a nice, sweet-ish smell that was like lotion!

That's all for today, make sure to follow me and click ❤️ and 😍 to get coins; stay tuned for my next review!

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