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Get the Look - E-Girl

💞Get the Look - E-Girl 💞
Hey everyone! 👋🏻 
Here’s a fun look to try out during quarantine when you’re feeling a little edgy 😎
I used pink mostly for this look but any vibrant color such as purple 💜or green 💚could be used as well!
💞 Step by Step 💞
1. Shade in your eyebrows and create a “slit” using concealer (✅tip: apply the eyeshadow around where you want the slit to be and then clean up with concealer)
2. Apply the indicated shade from the Revolution HD Palette with a fluffy brush in your crease and bring it a little bit above your crease as well
3. Pack on ‘Wild Child’ all over your lid with a smaller denser brush and blend it into the previous shade
4. Draw on a thick winged liner (if anytime is the time to overdraw your eyeliner, this is it! ☺️)
5. Apply ‘Wild Child’ on your lower lash line
6. Highlight inner corners and eyebrow with ‘Kaleidoscope’
7. Put on foundation and concealer as needed
8. Heavily apply blush all over your cheeks and a bit on your nose
9. Dot on small freckles all over your cheeks and nose with the eyeliner
10. Apply ‘Dusty Rose’ lipstick first and overlay with ‘Sugared Grapefruit’
And that’s it! This look took me about 1.5 hours to create, so if you have spare time, this is definitely a great way to get creative with makeup 🥰

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  • Destiny

    But it's cute

  • Destiny

    I like it but e girl is more the shade you blush. Its on the tip of the nose and it's more spread in a circluar motion in each section. Below the eyes. Freckles are diffent sizes and colour

  • Myshell

    Adorable !! Really cool page , Can't wait to see more from you

  • Robin Bell

    Awe so cute!!!!

  • kathleen williams

    This is so cute I so wanna try this looks fun

  • Melissa Green

    You look soooooo cute! You wear this so well 😊

  • Ebby

    This look is super cute ! I love pink blush and monochromatic makeup!

  • Audrey poeling

    I wanna try

  • Audrey poeling

    I have been wanting to try this for a long time, ive heard great things about this product and would love a chance to be able to try it out but with 4 kids being a single mom the money get tight so it would be like christmas morning to a 5 year old if i got to try this out, really hoping to jump up and down screaming its my christmas, its my christmas like my 5 year old did, lol. Oh please with a 🍒 on top!!!

  • Natalie

    Love the layout 🥰

  • Alma

    Omg your makeup is so beautiful

  • Dalia

    TikTok dreams 😍

  • Mazal

    I absolutely adore this look

  • Nkechi

    This looks amazing, I love the blush! Great post layout!

  • Christian Brown

    I love this look, you did an amazing job! I use the same eyeliner, it is so affordable, super easy to apply and stays on all day! I haven't tried the other products before but I love how they all look. This post/tutorial is amazing and I love how detailed your pictures are to show us how we can get the look 🙂.

  • Violet

    I dot think I could ever rock that look as well as you did 😂 great post!

  • jennell

    Beautiful I’m digging the cherry blossom look

  • Jason

    thank you! im a #dragqueen


    Your so gorgeous!!! Love this look! And the blush is everything babe!!! Much love to you!!! Follow back boo 🔥💖

  • Melissa Griffith

    Love the way you did the picture layout of your eye look. It gives everyone a blueprint of how to recreate the look you did. Plus the instructions in the text, give us the complete details on how to recreate the full look. You rock ✨

  • Tasha cahoon

    Wow i love it

  • Serena

    I’m obsessed! You have skills girl. I don’t think I have the technique to do it but I’d definitely love to try. It looks so even and you didn’t even use a freckle 🖊. Great slides, the way you broke it down with the products and applications specifics makes me feel like I may have a shot at doing this after all! 💕

  • sally peabody

    You look amazing. This is such a sweet innocent look but not so innocent really. Love it you are quite artistic. The Aurora Lights palette is my favorite. I have never seen this but I want it. Love baked shadows. Your lashes are perfect I was reading about them but I could not tell if they had an adhesive on them because I hate working with glue. I really think you have done an over the top job with this. Thank you. I could never see myself carrying this look. I go for natural or mysterious witchcore in a more modern green way. My emphasis is always on the eyes. Thank you !!