Get The Look: Minimal Look Using All 6 Shades from Melanie Mills✨

These Melanie Mills Hollywood mini Gleam Body Radiance pots are the definition of VERSATILE. Here’s a quick minimal makeup look using basically only the mini pots from the Keep Gleaming Tester Bag!

😉Base - I just quickly concealed with the Glossier Stretch Concealer and some light translucent powder. I didn’t set the whole face because I wanted to leave some tackiness for the products to stick to.
🥉Eyeshadow base - Bronze Gold
This shade is perfect as an orange-gold eyeshadow base for my skin tone. It can be built up into a decently opaque color without the shimmer being too overwhelming.
🌹Transition - Rose Gold
I used this shade to blend out the edges of Bronze Gold
🏆Deepen outer corner - Deep Gold
This is a rich copper shade. For me this is the perfect deepening shade. It layers on top very smoothly, no patchiness at all and the dry-down time gives me a chance to blend out the edges.
✨Lid & Inner Corner Highlight - Disc Gold
This shade is the only shade that has some extra micro glitters in it. It’s Kira Kira in real life!
👀Usual Eyeliner and Mascara 
🍑Bronzer - Peach Deluxe
Peachy undertone adds warmth to the face and a nice wash of color, so I just skipped blush! I’m so impressed by how well these layer and blend with just fingers and minimal effort
💠Highlighter - Opalescence
Guys. I think I found my new favorite glass-skin highlighter. The shimmer is subtle at first but once it hits the light….the “I drink 2 liters of water and got 10 hours of sleep” kind of glow. 
💄Natural lip - Dior Addict Lacquer Stick - 620 Poisonous

That’s it for this super minimal glowy makeup look! Excited to see how you all use these! ✨ Keep gleaming!

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  • Robin Bell

    I keep trying to catch these in stock. I need them

  • Corissa Reviews

    Loving the ease of use and the glow is stunning!!!

  • Pauline

    Sorry did not comment on this video. Although I have on this product line of Gleam Face and Body. I like the colors and the effects it gives. Nice natural lipstick too, is it included. Great look.

  • Christian Brown

    I love the Opalescence shade, it makes such a great highlighter! I would use it every day because I love to have dewy glow looks. Thank you for your review and I love all the shades!

  • Jacquie Fisher-Wisor

    WoW Katchina!! I absolutely LOVED your video review!! You made everything look so easy applying but honestly I thought these shades would definitely be to bold for me, after seeing these on your skin tone you look incredible and you do have that "glass glow" they look very beautiful on you they all honestly do!! Thank you for taking the time and explaining each shade and where you applied it!! Excellent job Excellent Review!!! 👍👏😊😘

  • Tasha cahoon

    Great review i learn a lot Thanks

  • nancy ruiz

    Great review I hope I get someday a great product for tester and review

  • SweetPea V :)

    I wonder which of these would work for me? I have fair skin with a cool undertone. dark colors look fake on me, i have a hard time finding a bronzer, highlighter that works and looks good/natural on me!

  • Regina

    You are beautiful and know exactly what compliments your face. This is a look I would totally go for myself as well.


    I really hope to get my gleam on. I do pictures all the time. Wonder why others dint. Thought we were supposed to do pics if us using the products we get. But I do and I love it. Some r a little difficult but I keep going and get it done and feel good about my reviews for sure. I put time and effort in mine. And some of u do to. Food luck to all

  • Dana Collie

    This is gorgeous, I gotta try it.

  • Giorgi

    OMG these are gorgeous! Love all of the shades . They all look so pigmented and glowy. I would definitely use them as a highlighter and eyeshadow. They would be pretty as the body shimmer too. Hope I will try them someday. Thank you for these amazing ideas. ✨

  • Marie Breseman

    awesome look would love to try these products. Gave her a wonderful look. Want this for me

  • Chelli counts

    Awesome job with your review of this product I definitely want to try it out also I have done the no makeup makeup look with shimmer eyeshadows and and I think maybe you might want to try that and see if you like it

  • Alexis C

    That was a really fantastic idea! I hadn't considered using the multiple shades together but you really made it work, and that's very subtle but also very classy. I think your idea was spot-on and can't wait to see what other looks you come up with!

  • Destinee

    Deep gold is giving me so much life 😍😍😍

  • Jennifer Henning

    These are awesome. I love the deep gold, bronze, pretty much all of them are beautiful. I would definitely love to wear them.

  • Marley

    Perfect 😁👍

  • Naf

    They all look visually appealing to me. Nice earring by the way. I'd use these 6 different shades from this Melanie Mills Hollywood Tester Bag as eyeshadow and highlighter just because I find them easy to do.

  • Fountains Kelly

    This is so beautiful! Wow! And your face looked so natural yet glowy! So awesome!

  • Ja-Nee

    I would use the eye shadows exactly the way you did!! The colors are s pretty and fun especially for summer time!! I would highlight just a little of my cheeks (very small) and the tip of my nose and that's it!! Great video!!!!!

  • Natalia Orozco

    That was an easy tutorial about how to use all the glow properly and looking good for any event. It does not required brushes which is great and it hightlights the face features great. I would love to try them!

  • Brooke Wallace

    I love learning about blending and how to use products for other places on my face like my nose :) Thank you for the detailed info packed video!

  • natosha miller

    Thank you so much for the fantastic review of this product, sample set. It really is a wonderful and extraordinary way to get so many different styles from one set and includes a very nice glowing result. I really love the look of makeup that gives you a glimmering appearance, which glows in the sunlight as if the sun has brightened your skin with a so natural appearance. The many colors you get in here are awesome for a variety of mixed uses. I really like the darker colors for the eyelids, like the deep and disco gold. The bronze-gold would work to really define the face, giving a contour appearance, but not super extreme. The Opalescence would be a terrific way to give the entire face a beautiful glimmer and I like the idea of using peach deluxe, rose gold as a bit of like body glimmer, and allow the addition of bringing out the natural colors in my skin. Especially, the color rose gold would work wonders around the cheeks, chin, and forehead as a glimmering blush. Finally, thank you for a great review of such an excellent sample set. I never knew much about this brand and you provided a great review using the colors and sharing it in the video. I am always happy to get a close visual of a product before buying and you really showed an excellent example of each color in use. ☺

  • Sarah Rantala

    I would definitely us this as a body bronzer and highlighter, a highlighter for my cheeks, and as a (subtle?) eyeshadow! So pretty! My favorite shades are bronze and deep gold!

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