Get the Look: Zoom Business to Zoom Date Night Smokey Eye


Zoom is the new normal, and let’s face it--we all want to look slightly better than we do on a normal lockdown day since we’ll be on camera a whole lot! I’ve come up with an eye look thatsays “Boss Lady” just as much as it says “Date Night Darling,” and I’m here to share it with you all.


To get this look, all you’ll need is the Naked Urban Decay Palette (yup, you heard me right--that’s it, just one item!)


For this look, you’ll really be going for the gold, but altogether, you will use 4 shades from the palette to achieve it.


Here’s the breakdown:


Step 1: Apply Sidecar in the inner corner of the ye

Step 2: Generously apply Half Baked right next to that

Step 3: Apply Darkhorse by dabbing in a vertical line

Step 4: Apply Creep at the very end of the eye

Step 5: Wipe off the brush a bit

Step 6: Blend the colors + bring the darker shades into the crease


So, the next time you know you’ve got a day that sees jumping from a business call to a date night via Zoom, try out this look! For more beauty (and lots of fashion, too), be sure to check out my Instagram and YouTube!




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