Get the perfect bedhead look without breaking the bank

Now I know you might think sea salt spray is a Summer styling product but hold on, no need to pack this away just yet. Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray had been a style staple through Summer and now the wind is howling, and the rain lashing down it'll no doubt stay put through the Winter months.
Those who want the carefree texture of the Olsen twins hair, read on. This just might help perfect the bedhead look.

Does it do what it promises?
Scent - Uh. Yes, yes it does. The smell of this stuff is incredible. Honestly. Unless you don't like coconut holiday goodness. It transports you back to sunnier climes and lasts all day. I've had a random girl sat next to me on the tube ask what I was wearing for perfume as it smelt amazing - and in London it's unknown to talk on the tube, even make eye contact! The very thought!
Application - It definitely adds texture, and cuts frizz meaning you can spray it onto damp hair and leave to dry naturally. I've been using this on freshly washed hair, twisting into a bun and sleeping on it. And it works. I do have a slight wave to my hair, however I think it'd work just as well to add some well needed 'grunge' to the hair.

Would I get it again?
If you've read above you'll guess at yes. And for the price, it's fantastic value. Depending on how long your hair is, you can expect the bottle to last around 3-6 months.
The pump applicator doesn't clog, and it comes with a handy cap to make it easy to take away with you.

Anything else?
It doesn't leave a horrible feel to the hair. I'm all for a beachy look, but I don't want that clogged, product overload feeling that I have got with some other sea salt products.
You can use it on dry hair for a quick scrunch and go, or on damp hair for a stronger finish.
Oh and did I mention it smells amazing.... 
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