Gigi Gorgeous Lip Gloss

Product: Gigi Gorgeous Lip Gloss

Description: This lip gloss contains vitamin E so lips feel hydrated and nourished all day long! 

Packaging: Comes in a plastic lip gloss tube

Review: This lip gloss is a really nice color. It goes on easy with the nice size doe foot aapplicator. This product is very sticky though and doesn't last long. Has a real light smell and flavor. Might be better layered over a lipstick.💄

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  • Kate D.

    I'm not a huge fan of gloss, but I'd totally wear that shade!

  • Nicole Hoffman

    I want that Gigi though

  • Nicole Hoffman

    Yummy! Omg how do you get your lettering to be a different color? I am so derpy when it comes to the texting part lol