I think it's been a minute since I've done a hair post around these parts so I thought I'd go ahead and fix that :-) My hair has grown so much this year and I'm in awe of it! For the most part I've been trying to stay away from using heat so I've been doing wash and go's with an occasional blowout and press here and there. A few weeks ago Miss Jessie's had a 50% off sale on all products on the website so I purchased a couple of things including Pillow Soft Curls.

This is actually my first time ever posting about her products though I've tried a couple of them in the past. Honestly, the brand is sort of a hit and miss for me so I don't really consider myself a fan just yet. 
Pillow Soft Curls is the newest addition to the brand which promises soft, full curls with lots of body. Does it deliver? Find out in my full review below! 

⭐Formula:  The consistency is really lightweight and the texture and scent reminds me of baby powder or baby lotion. It smells great!

⭐Application: Per the instructions I applied it after I washed, conditioned, and detangled my hair. I used an ample amount (about 3 small dollops) ensuring full coverage from root to end and combed it through then I allowed it to air dry throughout the day. Once it dried my curls were wavy and loosely defined. My hair also felt soft but nothing exceptionally different from any other leave-in conditioner or product.

⭐Cons: I really didn't experience any particular cons about this product but it does claim to give you fluffy more expanded curls. I only noticed full fluffy curls towards my ends and as far as shrinkage it was pretty normal.

⭐Would I Recommend It? I would! Each day that I've worn Pillow Soft Curls it's grown on me more and more! I really like the results, my curls look shiny, well moisturized and have great definition! Although I know 'definition' is sort of the opposite of what in claims, I still like my results. I will say that while I do like my results I'm not completely sold just yet on whether or not I'd purchase it again (especially at regular price). There are just so many other products out that produce similar results at a fraction of the cost. 

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