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Gleaming My Face Up With Melanie Mills Hollywood

I want to thank PrismPop and Melanie Mills Hollywood for allowing me to purchase these Gleam Body Radiance Sexy Samples with my coins.  I have been wanting these ever since I joined and these were what the other members were reviewing.

Now onto my eyes were lined with Milani Fruit Fetish Stay Put Bright Eyeliner in 130 Pinker the Berry.  I used Opalescence over to the crease, then over to the edge of my eye I used Disco Gold, and at the top I used Bronze Gold. I used Peach Gold on a beauty (age spot) mark on my left cheek.  Then I put Deep Gold on my cheeks like you would use a bronzer.  Finally,, I used Rose Gold for my eyes.

I hope y'all enjoyed this asuch as I did applying the Melanie Mills Hollywood  Gleam Body Radiance Sexy Samples.


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  • Sarah Wennihan

    Im glad you had a fun time with this tester. I love all the items they have offered so far.