Gleaming with Melanie Mills

I’ve been a huge fan of her work for years and was lucky enough to receive the Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance Sexy Sampler Set. Each of the 6 pots features her signature pink star and the name of the color.  The product can be used anywhere (face & body) and is made to work with any skin tone!
I have very fair skin and upon initial swatching (counts as cardio) was impressed with how smoothly it glided across my skin and the pigmentations (a little goes a long way). I was also curious to see how the darker colors like Deep Gold and Bronzed Gold would fare on my face.
I tried each one separately before building up enough confidence to blend the colors together.  It’s unbelievably versatile and customizable; you can create a subtle glow or go full-on glam by using it on lids, lips, cheeks, to highlight or contour. I even mixed a dab of the Opalescence with my foundation to get a dewy finish!
The product photographs well (no flashback), feels good on and it doesn’t transfer! It’s scent-free and hasn’t caused any problems for my sensitive skin. I also tried the colors on my nurse who has a deep skin tone and it looked amazing. (I 💗her but not enough to give her one of these dreamy pots😉)
⭐️I had so much fun getting my Melanie Mills on (bad pun pertaining to her being a makeup artist and applying the product itself). Hope the pictures showcase how easy it is to use and seamlessly the colors blend. You can go from daytime to date time with just a few swipes.
🍬Opalescence- Light serum-like texture. Mix with your foundation for a fresh dewy look. The opal iridescence is semi-transparent which means it will shift color points on any skin color and emphasize the area (cheeks, inner eye, under brow bone, cupids bow, forehead, chin, nose bridge etc).
🍬Peach Deluxe- Creamy texture, on the subtler side of the bunch. The rosy peach and gold color provides the perfect amount of shimmer and looks great on lid, crease, upper lash line and tear duct areas of eyes. Adds a great glow to the cheeks and adds dimension to jaw line.
🍬Rose Gold-Creamy texture and softer than the bronze. The pink and yellow hue makes it a win for all undertones. Seamlessly blends onto lids and cheeks, works great as a highlighter and also looks beautiful over lipstick.
🍬Disco Gold- Creamy texture and tons of shine.  Full of shine and sparkle without coming across as glittery. Looks great on lids, cheeks, collar bones, clavicle, and breast bone.
🍬Deep Gold- Creamy texture and darkest of the bunch. I applied it to my upper lash line, lid and crease then went over it with a lighter shade of eyeshadow (NYX Foil Play in Champagne) that had shimmer.  Works well for those with darker skin. My friend uses this body radiance to contour/transform her body by applying to legs, abdomen etc.
🍬Bronze Gold- Creamy texture and darker, pigment. Not the most flattering for my fair/cool complexion but those with darker warm tones will turn into a bronzed goddess with this body radiance.
💗Let me know what you think and how you would use the Hollywood Sexy Sampler Set to take your look to the next level💕
🎨Shades in order pictured counter clockwise: Deep Gold, Peach Deluxe, Rose Gold, Bronze Gold, Disco Gold and Opalescence.
You can check out these products and more at
XOXO Serena

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  • Rowi

    Great Review I would love to try the products 😊

  • Bridget Logut

    Seeing the beauty in others, like your post, is helping me get through this quarantine! My routine has dramatically changed. I am a single mom of 2 baby boys. So tbh, I haven't been a leader to see my own beauty. This quarantine has me depressed, stuck in my tiny apartment. Begging for fresh air & the feel of the sun on my skin. #YourAmazing #GetItGirl 🤩

  • Laurie Geist

    fabulous colors, and I love the stamper, want one!

  • Corissa Reviews

    Thanks for your great review. I have been pleasantly surprised by how well these colors all work on many different skin tones. And I don't blame ya for keeping them all for yourself 😎💋

  • Shanna Rios

    I just got mine getting ready to check them out

  • Jen

    I would have to go with Opalescensce because it is the lightest. I haven't used much makeup since being in quarantine unless I'm going out.

  • Hibah


  • Patricia

    Gorgeous! Thanks for yet another great review on these products, it's getting harder to pick just one favorite! Well since the pandemic started I've been concentrating on skincare more, less makeup these days, where I live the use of a mask is mandatory, and there is nothing to prevent the mask rubbing off my makeup, it's gonna be even more fun in the high humidity summer heat.

  • Kelly K

    Thanks for the amazing video and review. Also thanks for sharing that there is no flash back and that it doesn't transfer (I hadn't even thought to ask that but that's fantastic to know!) I just found out that I have one coming so I'm so excited!!! Can't wait to shared these awesome products with you beautiful people!💜

  • Prerna Agarwal

    This looks amazing! Would love to try too. My relationship to skincare and makeup has definitely become stronger during quarantine. I have been doing more detailed skin care and putting make up on more often. I have also been experimenting with different looks, for example I did a black smokey eye yesterday. I am implementing more masks and anti-aging products in my skin care too.

  • Patricia Alton

    Beautiful visuals and great, original review! You did an awesome job! I've really stepped up my skin care game since the quarantine, it's been a good time to work on all my problem areas. And not wearing make up every day has made a huge difference in the amount of breakouts I've had. Also, not having to do my face every day has made it a lot more fun when I do get prettied up! I've just been using this extra time on self care of all kinds, getting healthier, stronger and

  • Shanna Watson

    Wowsers!!! That is awesome and so so simple.

  • Susan Cain

    WOW Serena.... Based on your indepth and fabulous review, I would find it extremely difficult to choose just one of the Melanie Mills body gleams... I could use each one of the six different glitter highlighters in so many various wonderful ways that the possibilities are seemingly endless🌠🌠🌠

  • Micheala

    Very good review I would like to try these

  • Ja-Nee

    The Rose Gold is so pretty. Great post. Quarantine has actually helped my skin. I have taken the time to do my research on products and find the ones that i actually need. I was able to test out products and see what works for my skin. I actually have a great routine now were I do not have to wear makeup (unless I want) and my skin still looks healthy and amazing.

  • Bambi

    I love of course, the bronze gold and peachy. I would actually use it for my definition of time and muscle on my chest and back and arms, beach ready.

  • natosha miller

    You did a really awesome job on the combination of colors. Also, thanks for the helpful ideas of using the products on the face. This sounds like a really wonderful set and I love the rose gold and opalescence. It looks like a perfect color to add blush and a natural shimmer without too much extreme color. These would especially look great in the summertime while being outdoors. Giving that nice shimmery appearance. I like how easy it was for you to apply as well. It sounds like a wonderful collection and brand to try out! ♥☺☼

  • Marcella Goble

    Love the video. I can't wait to try these products. My skincare has been minimalistic since quarantine so it'll be nice to try some new things!!

  • Joyce McDaniel

    Really enjoyed this video. I love trying new products and creating different looks on my eyes. I have been doing a lot of this with the quarantine.

  • Marlena Fannin

    Great job! I would love to have this set. It would be such fun to try out so many different looks. Since we've been home, I have a)so tried face masks n experimenter with several different colors. Watch out world when we do get back to normal.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    great review and show . I love how nice the colors look on you. I have never changed the way my routine for beauty as I am an essential worker I need to look my best everyday I step into the world.

  • Joylynn Grindle

    Loved three video


    Wow😍 this is an amazing video!!!!!! You rocked these! And the lil star stamp to finish it off, so Coolio

  • Nicole Robinson

    Excellent thorough review. I really want to try those highlighters. Since quarantine I have been doing more things for my skin than I ever have before. I’ve been exfoliating more, using more masks, trying serums and creams, also tried a chemical peel for the first time. My skin looks the best it’s looked in years!

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