Glossier Cloud Paint | New Shades and Swatches

Revisiting one of my earliest Glossier reviews to introduce you to the two new shades in the Cloud Paint family. Storm and Dawn arrived in June last year, so let’s see how this bright orange and deep rose look next to the original four. Which shade is your favourite? ⭐Cloud Paints are solid products and some of my favorite things from Glossier. ⭐A little goes a long way with any cloud paint, so definitely start very small and work up with the pigmentation. ✅For best results, glossier says to apply with fingertips which is my favorite way to apply cream products anyway. Puff: bright baby pink Beam: summery light orange Dusk: my favorite browny nude Haze: bold berry Storm:deep warm rose shade, perfect mix of brown and berry. it's a good rosie red for my cheeks Dawn:a sunny coral. beam's seriously orange sister. Sunkist meets sunburned. I liked having this across my nose bridge. ⚠️Storm and Dawn are SUPER bright, so I only needed the leftover on the caps to create a decently pigmented swatch. ⭐Let me know if you're a fan of these shades, and which one is your favorite! Visit the Original Content:


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