Glossier's Ultimate Over-achievers: the Super Serums

Glossier kills it in terms of marketing. Every single girl involved with the brand from top to bottom is, for lack of a better word, cool. Even more than that, they all have killer skin. So when the photos on Instagram started rolling in about the new serums that were coming out, I set aside a healthy amount of money for the set.
I already have experience with Glossier, having their cleanser, moisturizer, mist, skin tint, masks, and, balm. Everything works. However, serums are a different breed. They are supposed to be the most potent part of your routine. The climax, the punch, however you want to put it. When I saw the price, $65 for all three (granted .5 oz each), I was shocked and instantly purchased.
I have used the serums for over a month at this point and feel that I have a great handle on them. I have used all three during my full period cycle, when I was eating like shit, drinking too much (and leaving makeup on accidentally), and stressed to the max. However, being built for the post grad consumer, they should be able to stand up to all these minor dramas.
And they all have.

I have been breaking their rules, I must admit. They recommend that you only use them once a day, but I have been using the star, Super Pure, twice a day. Sue me!

🌞In the morning I would use Super Pure and then layer Super Bounce on top. 🌚At night, Super Glow and then Super Pure. The layering concept works beautifully in practice and is practical. As long as you apply according to thickness (as I have been), there is zero problem with further application of moisturizer, spf, oil, nor does it feel too heavy on the skin.
💧My skin drank all of the Supers in and the results are evident.

Super Pure has the consistency of a heavy essence and is my number one. Pimples have been quelled. Not just the annoying small pimples that only you can really see, but the I’m about to get my period pimples. And the blemish that I already had was taken away by Super Pure.
I also didn’t eat the best during this past month (ugh) and foods like pizza or andouille sausage that I know break me out normally, didn’t. And I really think I can thank Super Pure for quelling those breakouts as well.
The website also notes that it helps with redness and I would agree, however I think that could be from the combination of the use of the other Supers. According to Glossier, Niacinamide and Zinc PCA are the main ingredients in this serum. If you had to buy just one from the collection, this would be the one I recommend.

As noted in my post from last week, I am looking for a Vitamin C serum to fall in love with. I am not ready to propose to Super Glow any time soon, but we are monogamous for sure. Waking up in the mornings, my skin looks fresher. This is the reset button of the group. The thinnest by far, Super Glow makes you look alive when you don’t feel alive. I have seen far more results with this than I ever did with the Ole Vitamin C serum. I don’t have any dark spots from the summer so I cannot speak to that claim from the website. On the website, Vitamin C {AAP} and Magnesium PCA are the two main ingredients. This is a fabulous starter Vitamin C serum in terms of price point. And even those of you who are beyond starter serums will really enjoy this formulation of Vitamin C. I find that many Vitamin C serums force the citrus smell and effect, whereas this one doesn’t and it is far more effective.

Super Bounce is the one I didn’t know that I needed. My skin is combination normal to oily. I have never had hydration issues, so I focused my money on more necessary products. But now that I have a hydrating serum, I can’t see myself not having this on hand at all times. Super Bounce is the thickest, with more of a milky texture, but as I said earlier, still light on the skin. The two standout ingredients of this one are Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5. It makes sense that Glossier advertises this one as the “hangover” one. My face just looked better. I know that is the least descriptive way of putting it. But my skin was looking better the way it does when you eat well or drink a ton of water or somehow are completely rested. This does that. Where the Super Glow makes you look alive, Super Bounce makes you look like you live a life of leisure.
💯 💯 💯 Needless to say, these serums get a big thumbs up in my book. Yes, the sizes could be bigger, but even then, you get a generous portion of serum. The prices can’t be beat, well maybe by The Ordinaries. But where The Ordinaries fail, Glossier thrives. Everything can be used with everything. Fool proof serum.

Breaking out? Super Pure. Zombie? Super Glow. “Never drinking again”? Super Bounce.


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