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Glossy or Matte? Lipsticks you need in your collection! 👄PrismPop Giv

Today's Giveaway: Win a Mini Fresh Rose Lip Treatment + Mini Sephora Lip Gloss lippies bundle!
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🧐Which lip products mentioned are you interested in? What is your favorite glossy lip product and what's your favorite matte lipstick? Why?
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➡️ Summer Glossin" | Non-Sticky Glossy Lip Collection 👄💦 by Kachina 
➡️ Eyes & Lips - Perfect Pairings w/ Neutral Eyeshadow + Liquid Lipstick by Sovanna

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  • karen irvin

    I am brand new here, I am finding this place to be super awesome! I never knew there was so many options when it comes to beauty products. I never went crazy with that myself but I do like a nice mascara, lip tint, and blush. I think the matte is a acquired taste but some of it is very pretty. I like the glossy shiny look. But I would def. try it out.

  • Lux Illuminaughty

    On myself I'm definitely a girl who goes for gloss more than matte. I can get down with creams, satins, even demi-matte sometimes, but on the whole mattes just plain don't work for me. Even when my lips are freshly scrubbed of dry skin, most mattes I've tried cling to and emphasize every peak & valley of the landscape of my lips. And it's a rare matte product that doesn't feel like it's either sitting on top of my lips like some dry breadcrust or as tho it's leaching precious moisture out of my flesh. Seriously, some products seem like they're trying to turn my lips into shriveled raisins! But I have to admit, on some folks the matte lip look is freaking gorgeous! They have some secret magic with matte products, and I'm not part of the secret society. I await my invitation! Until then...gloss this girl up. All that said, I love me some Buxom Full-On Lip Polish! Dolly & Dani are tied for #1 for me. I love that there are so-o many shades to choose from, and that within that same formula there are different tiers of shimmer - from sparkle-free creams to creamy shimmers, to outright glitzy glitters! Buxom's Full-On Lip Creams are pretty great too, offering more opacity.

  • Kaylee Bendit

    I love matte lipstick. I am a very oily person. Glosses tend to creep out of the lines of my lips to my face and I feel so oily on my chin and aroubd my mouth.

  • Tracie Nguyen

    I prefer matte lipstick more than lip gloss. Because my makeup style is natural and simple, plus, I cant stand the feeling the lip gloss is sticky on my lips My favorite matte lipstick 💄 these days is Wet&Wild Coral Corruption. Perfect for summer time. Stunning but not too much. Ny lip gloss is Colour Crushin' Ultra Lipgloss. The color is perfect on me. And this less make me feel stick most

  • Kelly K

    Congrats Trisha!! I haven't really found a lip product that I'm in love yet. I keep searching for one but nothing ever seems to work like I want. As far as the products mentioned, I would want to try the Fresh Sugar Rose Treatment.

  • Nancy

    I love matte lipstick

  • Jaxgma

    It depends on the occasion. I like the glossy look when it's a dressy occasion, I like the way it feels anytime. The matte look is better for every day casual look, in my opinion.

  • Stephanie Dias

    Congrats Trisha!!! I’m interested in all the lip products mentioned lol. My favorite matte lipstick would be Velvet Teddy by Mac. It goes with everything!!

  • Rukhsana

    im interested in trying urban decay vice lip chemistry lasting lip stain because i do not have any lip stains to try and review so it will be a great chance. my favorite glossy lip product is the mac clear tube lip gloss because i can just top it on any lipstick as it is clear. my favorite matte lipstick is the stila lipsticks i guess ic como because their wear is soft and moist on the lips yet stays on the lips until you remove with a remover. not going anywhere even if you drink or eat.

  • Mesia Acres

    I like matte lipstick in any color

  • Pauline

    Hi, chose Maybelline Color Sensation/Vivid Matte color Cranberry. Like that it is a long lasting stay-on. For the Summer Glossin I chose as my favorite shade Caramel Glaze with a Vanilla scent. Really want to get these. Great review I can really enjoy my lip color choices now.

  • Natasha Harper

    I would love to try!!😊

  • Ruji Shrestha

    I'd like to try this!! :)

  • Jamie

    HAPPY NATIONAL LIPSTICK DAY!!! There is a new lip mask that I really want to try that has melatonin in it. It sounds just like what my lips need! This summer is NOT like any other summer, so my lip needs have changed, along with my lip products. Instead of loading up on lip glosses, like I usually have in the summer, I have switched to lip balm and mostly chapstick. My favorite lip gloss is BUXOM lip plumping polish in Dolly. My favorite matte lipstick is YSL The Slim Leather Matte Lipstick in Contrary Fuchsia. Great name and even better product! It smells like roses and lasts ALL day! It even lasts under a mask. And if it gets on my mask, it washes out easily. Another one of my favorite matte lipsticks is KVD Studded Lipstick in Underage Red. I love mixing and matching hot pink and red lipstick colors on my lips! It can trick the eye and make my lips look bigger! My all time favorite lip product still is VENOM lip plumping lip gloss. It really makes my lips look full and plump, and it also tastes like cinnamon! It also tingles a lot, too! Hope everyone has a great day!! xoxoJJ

  • Jenn H

    I don’t like a matte lip for myself. I also find most matte products too drying. I love the fresh lip colors. I also love Lipstick Queen!

  • Bre Walker

    I need to try them all!

  • sharon pearson

    I'm new hello everyone

  • Michelle

    I like shiny LoL but matte is pretty too

  • Maia

    Those are pretty! Depending on the mood, glossy or matte are always a steal.

  • Leticia

    I need it 😻😻😻

  • natosha miller

    I'm interested in the Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick. It is so vibrant and loves matte-look! It doesn't appear wet and sticky, like a candy apple. It has a matte finish that is smooth and makes the lips appear larger because of the vibrant color as well! I would love love love to try it in the brighter colors like Fuchsia Ecstasy, Electric Pink, and Pink Charge. Possibly would even do a bit of red, like Rebel Red and Red Punch. They look quite exciting for lip color fun as well! I never knew liquid products could provide a matte finish and still be considered a liquid. I will have to say that I'm not a fan of any of the glossy products, they all appear to wet and sticky. I don't like lipgloss and feel it to be childish and tacky. I prefer a real lipstick that doesn't come out and applied on like goo. So I really don't mind much for any mentioned, but definitely, for the matte, it has to be the Vivid Liquid Lipstick!

  • Jykevia Pritchard

    The Maybelline matte color sensational lipstick in the color corrupt cranberry that @sovanna posted was very pretty I loved it ☺️☺️☺️

  • Sindra ~

    Don't have a favorite..

  • Jenn

    Lately I've been more of a glossy girl, but I still love my Matte!! ❤️

  • Jykevia Pritchard

    And why I love the lipgloss and matte lipstick that I mentioned is because I love the colors of both and they are very sleek and smooth to put on Which I adore 🙌😊😊😊