Glow Nectar: Vitamin C Serum First Impression

Hey guys! Today, I tried the Glow Nectar: Vitamin C Serum by Sway
🤔I have mixed feelings about it! For one, it has sparkles in it, and once applied onto the face, your skin glows like it promises to!
🌞But, I would expect to wear this, while I'm going out. Especially with tanned skin.
🐟Unfortunately, it smells like salmon! LOL!
🚶‍♀️So I'm not sure I'd want to walk around smelling like salmon when I'm at the beach, with friends, or at work.
🙅🏻‍♀️So if you don't care about the smell, then yes this product works!
🙃Also, I'm known to have a strong sense of smell, so maybe a lot of you wouldn't even smell it. Who knows!
Nonetheless, hope you guys liked the video. Don't forget to like, follow, and comment! 
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