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Go ahead and get wet with WATERPROOF Better Than Sex Mascara!

By now you’ve heard of the infamous Too Faced Bettter Than Sex mascara.  So how can a brand one up a product that had everyone talking from the minute it launched? They can make it waterproof. Enter in Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara, which has the brand telling us all to, “Go ahead and get wet” 😳.
One of the biggest beefs I had with the original Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara was the claim of 1944% more volume. While I liked the feathery look it gave my lashes, it wasn’t quite as dramatic as I’d hoped and it smeared and smudged so badly the minute my eyes watered.
Waterproof version
Packaging - Packaged in an aqua metal tube with cute little faux water droplets all over; I am surprised at how weighty it feels. The cap that has the wand attached seems unnecessarily heavy to me, and if you’re the type that gets a little mascara messy when applying, you might be that happens even more so due to the weight.
💧Wand - Same to the original, the waterproof version also sports the same oversized hourglass shaped wand which is meant to separate, coat and curl each individual lash to “voluptuous perfection” with “1944% more volume”.
💧Performance - Unlike the original though, I really thinks this delivers on serious volume and drama, and it seems much more deep black in pigment. I feel like the formula is a thicker texture than the original, and it really gets on the lashes in the first coat, with a second taking you to seriouslashiness. 
💧Wear - I really find this holds up so much better than the original. I have notoriously watery eyes and get no smudges, and it even made it through a shower when I forgot to take off my makeup first (the level of tired I was that day was REAL).
When it came to take it off, I found it dissolved really easily with my balm/oil cleanser of choice or waterproof makeup remover.
⭐ Not only does Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof give me the volume I really want in a mascara, but it also gives great length! It does dry a little ‘crisp’ as many waterproof mascaras do, but because of this it holds the curl perfectly all day and never looks wilted. 
I (barely) avoided sexual puns and innuendos through this entire post, but all I’ll say is that I really like this mascara. I’m not getting into the ‘better than sex’ claim – I’ll let you all make that decision for yourselves!
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