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Going Green - Natural, No Makeup Makeup Look 🍃

So these days, I'm really loving the whole 'no makeup' makeup look. I feel the most comfortable and confident when my natural beauty is heightened, rather than exaggerated (though I love bold lip!). I feel it's my Virgo ♍️ placements that make my taste so muted lol. 

Anyways, enough about me...

Here are the details of the look!

Face — Matte Maybelline foundation, Burt's Bees eyebrow pencil, Tarte Dazzle contour + highlight. 

Eyes — I actually used my Tarte Dazzle contour + highlight palette on my lids coupled with their mascara. Thanks for the tip, Kim Kardashian! I love using contour as my crease color and then go in with the highlight across the lid. It looks sooo subtle, but so cute especially in good lighting. 

Lips — Tried and true... good old Carmex! 💕

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