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Golden Sunrise

I used the Urban Decay "Naked Honey" palette to create this look. In the crease, I used shade "Keeper", deepening it with "Drip", and used "Sting" in the outer V area. On the lid, I used the shimmer shades: "Queen", "Amber", and "Golden". Pro tip: spray your brush with setting spray when using shimmer shadows! It reduces fallout and helps them pop! Lastly, I smoked out the lower lash line with "Keeper" and "Drip", popped shimmer shade "Honey" in my inner corner for a highlight, and did some minimal black liner and mascara. It's a simple but shiny, warm golden look. 

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  • Melissa Griffith

    Love the eye look. It really makes your eyes pop. I still haven't got around to trying this palette out yet, but I want too. Thanks for sharing.

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