GOOPGLOW Great Overnight Peel

The final product of the set that I received complimentary from Influenster: the GOOPGLOW  5% Glycolic Acid Overnight Glow Peel.

It is a gentle overnight acid peel that delivers an effective yet mild level (five percent) of glycolic acid to help improve the look and feel of skin while you sleep. 

At first I was a but hesitant as I’ve never used a overnight mask or peel, plus the information on the back said there could be a tingle/sting so it freaked me out a bit. However I’m so glad I tried this and definitely want to purchase more!

It was like a miniature glove for easy application around the face. After applying an even layer around the skin I let it absorb before going to bed.

It definitely wasn’t like my serum or moisturizer that melts into the skin completely, I could definitely tell there was something on my face overnight, however it didn’t feel intruding at all. 
When I woke up my face looked so oily, due to the mask so after rinsing off i could feel such a huge difference in my skin!!
Talk about SOOOOOFT!!
I loved this peel and again, I would definitely buy more! 

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  • sally peabody

    I love glycolic acid ! I use it every night. I like the look and the application of this. Very nice. Glycolic acid is in my opinion the best choice of acid peels. It has the smallest molecular structure so the skin is able to better to absorb it. Absorb it more quickly and deeply ! The highest percent I can find with out a PX is 10%. I would love to go as high as 40 % but timeing is everything when you get that high or higher. It needs to be rinsed off much sooner then one may think or you could do serious damage. So I go professional when I was to take that plunge. I truly enjoyed this very well done !