Gorgeous Nails in Less than 10 Minutes

Hello Beauties!  This video is of me putting on my Kiss Nails with Kiss Nail Glue.  Please excuse the TikTok on the video.  My daughter helped me  by videoing and adding the music.  We couldn't figure out how to remove the TikTok.

First, you need to pick out the size to fit your nails best.  I went with Kiss Petites Smaller Nails for Smaller Hamds.  When you open the box there are all different sizes.  You match up the nails with your nails to see which fit yours the best.

These nails come with self tabs for easy application, and it does make it much easier...which makes the process quicker!

You open the Kiss Power Flex Max Speed Glue, which holds the nails on great.  Apply glue to the nail, stick it on your nail and repeat.  Make sure to break the tabs off.

When finished, you can file and shape the nails to your liking!  Girls, this only took me 5 to 10 minutes and they look great!












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