Great exfoliate

I found this great exfoliant,  that I'm just in love with, its clean & clear morning  burst, has little hydrating  beads in it,  its oil free, amazing  scent, use this every morning  for over a month now,  it would be great for sensitive  skin, it's a jelly like , goes on really good,  now that I found this, I find myself  not wanting to look at anything different  lol , I got the tube, as you can see, but also comes in a bottle,  but weather  u get tube or bottle,  definitely  get it, u will be hooked, 

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  • Pauline

    I have heard of this company. Clean & Clear products. It has got to be a hydrating cleanse firstly. Like the description of the product bursting beads. Great for sensitive skin too. Want to try this product. Thanks for sending all these posts.