Great microdermabrasion hack

Well ladies & gents!

I have found a great microdermabrasion hack! I love Trader Joe's and wandered in the beauty isle and found this little gem! This stuff is the bomb!

It's not a huge tube, but for about $4 you cant beat it. This is not one of those kinda products that has a pretty scent,but it does not stink either. I use this after I wash my face with face wash, when my face is damp I run a nickel size drop all over my face. It feels like a thin cream with sand in it. Very gentle on skin,but effective! It scrubs off all the extra stuff on your face that face wash misses. My face gets exfoliated and looks fresh and clean.

So check it out,I like to save $$ and I'm sure you do too! And for about $4, this is a must have in your beauty routine!

Trader Joe's Nourish Microdermabrasion Scrub

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