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Green Shadow Vibez

This green cream Shadow is from The Organic Skin Co. It is beautiful! Super pigmented. I think it's definitely more of a night color.

The packaging is eco friendly. I believe your purchase of a product helps to be a tree! 

There is no scent 👍 the texture is creamy. An eyeshadow primer is I think essential. For no creasing with these shadows.

Retails for $18 on their website. Highly recommend!
Got this from the PrismPop x TOSC tester bag! 🙌

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  • Micheala

    This is a really good review. I like that it's eco friendly and I love the shade of green. I really like this thanks so much.

  • sally peabody

    This is a great review for me to see. I have been wanting to post some pictures with my review but I photograph horribly. You are beautiful but You also used a filter and that is what i want to do. This is the most beautiful shadow. I love it and it mixes well will powder shadow ! The ingredients are all edible so i know it is save and anti inflammatory so no irritation at all. Beautiful review !!

  • Shelby Rodenberg

    Would love to try

  • Sarah Wennihan

    I sadly used eyeshadow primer, and still had creasing. I personally wasn't impressed with these eyeshadow pods, but I loved the other items received. This was such a beautiful shade when swatched though.

  • Kelly K

    I just got this today and can't wait to try it out!!!

  • Roni Abbett

    I definitely would try this product, thanks!

  • Sharron Janette Neace

    I love love love this!!

  • Regina

    So beautiful and pairs nicely with that lip color!!

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