No Frizz and Shiny hair using Silk Drops!

Hey everyone its Marina and today I am going to show you how I keep my hair soft and shiny this is one step of my hair routine using Revibe Recharge Silk Drop by The Hair Shop!
Today my hair is not that frizzy but I wish that it was so you all can see the FULL Magic of this product!
Smell: This smells so good I love when the products smell good because then you can smell it every time that you move your head. 
Application: I use one pump and rub it into my hands. I then lightly place it throughout my hair starting at the middle and working my way down to the bottom. To make sure that the product is throughout my hair I brush it with my fingers and then a comb.
Let me know in the comments if you wanna see my full hair routine below.
If you want to try this product don't forget to hit "I wanna try".
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  • Stefany Scaggs

    Ok h well that is amazing. I use Garnier Fructis 3 day sleek and shine system of shampoo and conditioner and leave in conditioning cream but I sometimes use just a drop of seaberry hair serum with it but up for trying other products for frizzy hair. Thanks for great review.

  • Tiffany pollard

    I would like to try this product l. My hair state so frizzy

  • Micheala

    Love to try

  • Monique Roybal

    You're hair is beautiful. I too have frizzy hair sometimes even though its half straight and half wavy. I recently had it layered and the short layers are frizzy. I think I'll try this product. Does it leave your hair feeling slightly oily?

  • Lori Odaniel

    Your hair looks great i use a coconut mask that works wonders it smells wonderful beautiful packing and it comes from Amazon under coconut hair mask very price effective.

  • haku izunami

    I love hair oils that do so many amazing things to my hair. I'm always willing to try hair oils.

  • sabrina parsons

    I am so happy you told us about this it works amazing on my hair

  • Nicole Nikki Lane

    Beautiful ! Did you straighten your hair at all or is your hair naturally straight? Thnx!

  • April

    I need to check this out!! I live near the beach in North Carolina and let me tell you my hair is so dry and frizzy out here. I have tried so many different products on my hair, so many masks and they either don't work or they leave my hair greasy looking like I haven't showered in a work. Definitely giving this a try!💜

  • Brandy

    I need to check out that product, because my hair gets super frizzy! and the way I've been taming this wild hair is by using Garner Fructose Sleek&Shine,and it works really good on my hair,after I wash my hair I halfway dry it them apply couple of pumps through my hair, and then I will finish drying add a little more then straightening my hair. It looks smooth and not frizzy at all, and it is not a pricey product and u can buy it just about anywhere

  • Susan

    This sounds like a great product. Would love to try it. I keep my fine, straight long hair frizz free with Dove moisturizering shampoo and conditioner in the winter months.

  • Spankmahmonkie

    How much comes out of a pump?

  • jessica powell

    To keep my hair from getting frizzy during the Winter months I make sure to use a hydrating shampoo & conditioner, heat protector cream and hair oil! I also do a deep moisture treatment weekly if my hair really needs some tlc!

  • Sonika Shrivastava

    Wow sounds amazing i always have frizzy hair no matter what i do. I will definitely try Revibe recharge silk drops i have tried so many anti frizz products but none worked yet.

  • Venessa

    This looks great, if i don't blow dry my hair the ends get frizzy something I need to try revibe recharge :)

  • Hillari Siler

    My hair is so frizzy I can straighten it and walk out and my hair looks like a affro please give me a chance to try this

  • Anna hudson

    I use a spray bottle with olive oil and water,and use it all day it cools me off too.your hair looks good.

  • Mackenzie Githens

    My hair is super frizzy and I think this would work great on my hair !

  • Quarterlife Balance

    I have super curly hair that gets wild all year round, in the summer from the humidity and in the winter from the dryness. To combat this I started using Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream

  • Quarterlife Balance

    I use Garnier leave in conditioner to keep my curls and frizz in check year around and I can't go without it!

  • Bridget Baxter

    I use leave in conditioner and my (makeup) setting spray. I've heard good things about silk drops tho and would like to try them

  • Christy Sargent

    Bio Silk is amazzzing! I discovered it when I Went to cosmetology school!

  • Sarah

    Ah I use to use bio silk when I straightened my hair. Now I use marc Anthony Strictly curls once I towel dry my hair and scrunch it in really helps define my curls then for a finishing spray I use CAKE the wave maker its sugar infused and both smell so yummy the first smells like lemon and the second smells like a frosting and this doesn't leave my hair crunchy at all love these two products

  • Crystal Jones

    Thats what I need help with!!I have been searching for a product!

  • Ann Gray

    Oh my goodness, your hair is beautiful Marina🤗 and love your eyes!! My problem is when I straighten my hair,I have frizzy flyaways!! Will this product help keep my hair from looking static charged??

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