Hello to the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Full Coverage Moisturizer

👋🏽 Using the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation for the first time today! 
Color: Rich Honey 🍯
☀️ This product is meant to even out skin tone, moisturize, and also offer SPF 50 sun protection.
💛 The texture is smooth, silky and light.
🙏🏽 I am applying it with my fingers because I love using my hands! You can of course use a brush or beauty blender.
RESULTS: I really liked how this product offered light coverage and moisture without being heavy or thick. It gave me a dewy glow and evened out my skintone while still letting my natural skin shine ✨
RECOMMEND? Yes! I would recommend this if you want a lighter foundation and a more natural look.

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  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    Super awesome

  • Amanda Lingle

    Whoa i have never seen a foundation that has an spf of 50 in it. During the summer at all my sons baseball tournaments I rarely get to use foundation for the simple fact i need sunscreen. But this has the same amount in it that I usually use without foundation. So this would def be something I can try now. I like the fact that it is also very light which would be another benefit for me during the summer. I loved your finished look it looked so natural. Thanks for the video and me learning new stuff from you.

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